July - Harrogate Tchoukball

Janine Lesiak runs Harrogate Tchoukball and is a member of PE staff at Harrogate High School. To engage young people Janine plays music and lets the participants have a say in how the sessions are run. The club runs on an informal basis, allowing people to drop in and out of the weekly sessions. There are no commitments but Janine's innovative loyalty cards and friendly fun environment keep the young people coming back each week.

As tchoukball is a non-traditional sport, participants are able to try something new and develop new skills. Young leader Connor runs the sessions alongside Janine which helps to deliver a session on the participants' level.

Roles such as keeping score of games, stamping the reward cards or taking photos for the social media pages are all done by the young people attending. The club developed marketing ideas by working with NYS Mentoring scheme and provided valuable new ideas in how to promote the club further in the community.

Janine said "it's about getting people into the sport. You don't have to have played before, you don't have to know the rules. You can come along and have fun.

"The club is inclusive due to the mixed abilities and ages that attend at one club and is demonstrated by one participant who has one arm. We have made sure the atmosphere is relaxed and play mostly games as this is what they enjoy the most. A five minute 'freestyle' activity is where they can shoot or pass the ball while chatting with their friends has helped socially and interacting with other participants."