Sector Skills Strategy

North Yorkshire Sport and CIMSPA are working together to create a local skills plan to ensure people have the skills to find a job and progress within their area of work. The plan also ensures employers have people with the right skills they need for growth. Improving skills levels will help to improve the productivity and economic output of employers.

The local skills strategy will be an ambitious programme to help people into work, to ensure they realise their full potential and to allow the sector to access the skills they need now and in the future. This will assist us to improve productivity and secure fair and inclusive growth.

To enable North Yorkshire Sport to effectively act on their identified skills and employment priorities, the local skills strategy will:

  • Assess the labour market and skills system of the local area
  • Identify skills and employment priorities.
  • Manage relationships with policy leads within the local area and the Skills Advisory Panel by presenting analysis and its implications clearly and disseminate information effectively to ensure common understanding.
  • Deliver skills and employment priorities through effective plans and efficient routes and enable delivery through engagement with the local area's Skills Advisory Panel and other stakeholders. These relationships should facilitate a more efficient allocation of resources in local areas.
  • Evaluate the impact of implemented actions to deal with skills and employment priorities. Monitor whether the priorities identified and acted upon are effective in assisting sustainable growth and development in economic performance.

The skills sector project will create a framework to coordinate the actions of sport and physical activity training providers, education partners and the local workforce to improve the appropriate skills. Through the wealth of intelligence gained from the TNA and EMSI data, a comprehensive picture will reflect the local needs, match demand and build a skilled workforce. By strengthening the skills training offered, and being responsive to the changing conditions, the sector skills pilot will focus on the skills needed in the local labour market. Effectiveness of this approach will be measured throughout. A sustainable infrastructure will underpin the long-term vision and ability to continually review to raise the skill levels.

The local skills strategy will provide the starting point to define the specific actions required to enhance the labour market.

We know that Covid-19 may have impacted and altered the immediate landscape for sport and physical activity, we will work to include any plans for recovery and renewal post Covid-19.

For further information on this work area please see the recorded webinar below:

The Organisational and Self Employed Training Needs Analysis' are now live (closing on 16th June). To complete a TNA, please lick the appropriate link. Further guidance can be sought from the attached documents below the links.

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