Simple At Home Activities




Musical Statues

Chose some of your favourite music and get dancing. At various intervals the music needs to stop (you could take it in turns to be the DJ) when the music stops anyone dancing must freeze. If anyone moves they have to do an exercise eg 10 star jumps or 5 push ups.

Something to play music and someone to stop and start it for you

Animal races

Create a start and finish point with markers and pretend to be different animals to get there as quickly as you can. This can be done as relay with more than one person taking part or all join in together if you have room.

The floor discs out of your pack

Follow the leader

Select a leader for the activity (you can take turns to be the leader) The leader thinks of different actions / movements to do that the others copy and follow. Try to use energetic movements like jumping, stomping, skipping or squatting etc.

Just your imagination and enough space to safely move around

Balloon Ball

Keeping the baloon in the air for as long as possible / changing the boddy part used to keep the baloon in the air / play baloon tennis


Tickle Tag

Choose a 'tagger' this person has to try to catch the others but the person who gets caught gets tickled. You can set areas that people can go in or 'safe areas' they can use for a few seconds.

None needed

Treasure hunt

Either draw a map or leave clues to where children might find some of their toys or treats! If they are old enough, you could help them make a map to follow! You can give extra clues when they find each point on the map until they reach the final treasure and their prize!

Paper pencils or pens and a prize / treat

Aiming / target games

Try to hit your target from different distances getting furhter and further away each time. If more than one player you can take it in turns OR you have a number of throwing object each and try to be the first to get all of yours into the target.

A target (washing up bowl, bin, bucket, large pan) Objects (balls, beanbags, rolled up socks)

Bubble bashing

Blow bubbles into the air and let the children pop them as quickly as they can before they hit the floor OR let them land then try to pop them all with your feet.

Bubble set

Step ups

Using the bottom step on the stairs step up and down using alternate legs each time and try to do as many as you can or step in time to some music.

Low step that is safe to use

Holding the plank

Get into the plank position and see who can hod it the longest or do it every day and use it as a challenge to beat your own time.

None needed

Squat relay

Take it in turns to do your squat and see how long you can keep going together. You could put music on and do it in time with the beat of the music.

None needed

Free Dance

Put on some music and make up the moves as you go. Dance to the music in any way you wish

Something to play music


Three distances marked out in an area. Time or race to see who is quickest to complete all three (there and back repeated) Hop the first shuttle / skip the second / side-step the third .Finish with 5-star jumps

Discs out of the pack and a way of recording the time


Fill up water bottles (or other containers similar) and use any ball to knock them down

Skittles (water bottles or similar)
Balls (any ball or beanbag or rolled up socks)


X5 exercises x5 times – simple ideas include: - burpees, bicycle legs, high knees running, plank, jumping jacks, push ups

Pen / paper to write activities on a stop watch or timer

Mirroring game

Face each other – One person copies the other persons moves and vice versa. Includes kicks / arm moves / spin arounds etc.

None needed

Donkey tails

Each player starts with a tail, the idea is to collect (grab) as many tails as possible whilst trying to keep your own tail safe. You can alternate the way in which players are able to move each round eg running, hopping, skipping, crawling etc

Tails (tea towel, long sock, a tie or a t shirt)

Daily walk / run

(Taking social distancing and government guidelines into account) go for a walk, jog or run for 15 minutes in the fresh air. You could go around the block, to an open space or into the garden

None needed

Parachute games

Each person hold around the edges of the 'parachute'
Mushroom - everyone lift together and pull down together getting the parachute as high as possible.
Name swap - call a name and swap positions when the parachute is at its highest point.
flying balls - place a set of objects on the center of the parachute, some players try to keep balls on and the others try to get them off by lifting and waving the material

Parachute (blanket, bed sheet or ground sheet)
Objects (balls, rolled up socks, beanbags, teddies)

Catch/piggy in the middle

Start by standing close to your child and start with a light object and start throwing and catching between you. You can progress by moving further apart, trying different objects, getting the child to stand on one foot etc. if you have 3 people one person can go in the middle and try to intercept the ball / object

Any type of ball or soft object like a teddy or rolled up socks