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Small Schools

Small Schools in North Yorkshire identified specific challenges in engaging with the School Games. In order to address this, North Yorkshire Sport want to look at what constitutes a small school to enable small schools greater access to competition.

Across North Yorkshire there are 150 Schools with 100 pupils or less and 60 schools with 50 pupils or less (based on data from January 2018).

For the 2018/19 Schools Games, North Yorkshire adopted a definition of a small school based on the School Games Mark Criteria as;

' a school with under 120 pupils at KS2'

With North Yorkshires' rural geography, there has been concern over this definition in that a significant amount of schools would fall into this category.

Issues and Challenges

Previous consultation has shown the main issues for small schools are;

  • Insufficient children in the required competition age to make up a team
  • The scope for a high quality team is limited
  • Younger children playing up to enable schools to compete
  • Motivation and morale amongst pupils is knocked when they don't feel they can compete on a level playing field
  • Ratio of Girl/Boy requirement in a team can be limiting

What differences will it make to schools?

The desired impact of improving the experience for all at the school games are as follows;

  • Increased confidence in pupils from a positive experience
  • More schools progressing through the levels of competition
  • Small school competing on a level playing field against similar sized schools
  • Wider range of schools given the opportunity to participate in the School Games
  • Small Schools not penalised for having fewer pupils on roll

To agree the way forward and improve competition for all schools across North Yorkshire we are inviting you to complete the short survey below.

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