Sport as a Driver for Change

North Yorkshire Sport Ltd operates under the following charitable objectives:

  • To advance amateur sport by (i) encouraging and enabling the residents of North Yorkshire and the City of York to participate in sports or games which promote health by involving physical or mental skill or exertion and (ii) the provision and promotion of activities or facilities for the playing of any sport capable of improving health.
  • To advance and further the education of the public in matters relating to physical fitness, nutrition, active recreation and lifestyle.

We have produced a Tackling Inequalities Through Sport report which highlights the health and social inequalities in North Yorkshire and the role sport can play in tackling these.

As a result of the report we have, in addition to the core business of North Yorkshire Sport Ltd i.e. increasing participation in sport and physical activity, a key focus to use sport as a driver for change to tackle barriers such as health, deprivation, training and employment and disability in order to build stronger communities.

North Yorkshire Sport Inequalities Report 2014

North Yorkshire Sport, as the sports charity for the area, set out to understand and identify the underlying inequalities in York and North Yorkshire and the role that sport and physical activity can play in their reduction.

The below report highlights what are often hidden facts and figures that show not everyone in York and North Yorkshire has the same inherent opportunities and life choices. At the same time it hopefully offers, through sport and physical activity, some partial solutions and ideas for the future.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the various organisations who have previously published data on inequalities used within this report (and these are listed on page 18), the organisations who have been involved in the activities highlighted in the case studies and Sky Blue Research Ltd and Bransby Wilson Ltd for commissioning the report.