Please note: The Sportivate project ended in March 2018. North Yorkshire Sport are no longer looking for new projects to start. Please contact us to look at alternative support available

Announced in November 2010 as part of the Sport England 'Places People Play' Strategy, Sportivate is a programme aimed at increasing participation amongst people aged 11-25. We are currently in the 5th year of delivery (April 15-Mar 16), with funding from Sport England confirmed until March 2017.

North Yorkshire Sport are responsible for managing the programme within the County, and on this page you can find information on what the programme is, who the focus participants are, how to apply and supporting documents that can help strengthen your application.

Sportivate provides clubs and organisations with the opportunity to apply for funding to deliver between six and eight week blocks of coached sports activity, with a target of as many young people as possible missing no more than 1 session of a 6,7 or 8 week block. Sportivate can support projects with coaching costs, facility hire, equipment, marketing and coach education courses and much more.

The programme will support an increase in the number of 11-25 year olds taking part in 1 x 30 minutes of Sport / Physical activity per week by specifically targeting young people who are currently doing 0 to 3 occasions of formal activity in the previous 28 days.

Projects are encouraged to attract as many inactive young people as possible, with an aim of at least 75% of their completed participants currently doing 0-3 occasions of sport in the previous 28 days.

North Yorkshire Sport particularly want to hear from any organisation or club that would like to encourage more female participants or those 18-25 years old to take part in sport and we will give more weighting to applications that are targeting these under-represented groups. Once the plan is submitted, North Yorkshire Sport will provide feedback on your application at the earliest opportunity and work with you to try and fund the activity if possible.

For further information or to discuss a potential application contact Damien Smith (Head of Development) on 01423 813031 /

The Sportivate application form is below and can also be found in the Sportivate resources section.

When making an application please consider the following things:

  • Use of Insight – There is a wealth of information available to applicants that can help influence and inform project delivery. We encourage all applicants to read and use Sport England's Youth Insight research (published Aug 2014). As an example, your marketing may focus at attracting young people who have a more 'functional' relationship with sport (i.e do it to get fit / to train for an event etc) rather than doing it for the fun of it. A link to the PDF pack is
  • Women & Girls - If you are wanting to deliver a project specifically to women & girls we encourage you to make use of the This Girl Can Campaign to support the marketing and branding of your project. A link to the This Girl Can Campaign is
  • Charge to participants - There should be a nominal charge to participants. If sessions are provided free, often young people perceive the value of the sessions as nothing. The charge should offer value for money, but also not be too cheap that a large jump in cost after the Sportivate supported sessions then proves to be a barrier to continuing.
  • Community sessions - The sessions should take place in the community, and look and feel like a community session (Even when based on a school site). For 11-16 year olds these should not be breakfast, lunchtime or after-school clubs. Sportivate is designed to have a lasting impact on community participation and the Sportivate sessions should, where possible, replicate the community provision in terms of times and venues.
  • Sustainability - This is the single biggest outcome of Sportivate. We want as many of our 11-25 year olds to start or get back into a sport they played at school and that this progresses into regular participation. The exit route from Sportivate sessions should be the starting point when planning a new activity. Incentives can be offered through the Sportivate application that could encourage longer term participation i.e subsidised membership, a badminton racket for completing a block of coaching or by obtaining competency awards.

Damien Smith (Contact)

Head of Development