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Chess boxing is a hybrid sport which involves alternating rounds of boxing and chess

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An Overview of Chess-Boxing

A chessboxing fight consists of 11 rounds, 6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing. Chess and boxing rounds alternate, beginning and ending with a round of chess. Each round lasts three minutes, regardless of whether it involves chess or boxing. The total amount of chess playing time is 18 minutes, making it 9 minutes each player. After each chess round, the exact setup is digitally recorded and then re-positioned before the following chess round.


  • Allows breaks from the mental stress of chess through physical exercise and to cool down from the boxing exertion by making chess moves
  • Increased strength, power, fitness and endurance from the boxing
  • Sharpens the mind by playing chess


Use local activity finders or try and identify if a local/regional facility offers this activity. It is also worth looking at the National Governing Body website for opportunities.


  • Boxing gloves
  • Boxing Ring
  • Chess board and pieces

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City of York Council Sport and Active Leisure

City of York Council Sport and Active Leisure

The Sport and Active Leisure team at the City of York Council provide support to local clubs and organisations regarding the sporting provision across the city. This includes providing information to York residents, signposting them to sporting opportunit