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Structuring Your Club

There are a number of reasons to get your club structure correct including:

  • It determines whether your club is a separate legal entity or not
  • It has an impact on members' liability
  • There are different rules and legal requirements depending on how your club is structured
  • It can have financial implications
  • It can influence how your club is viewed by others (e.g. banks, funding providers, the public)

Clubs can either be structured as unincorporated or incorporated organisations. On top of this, clubs may be eligible to adopt charitable status or Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) status. These offer benefits to clubs but also require meeting certain rules and obligations.

Whatever structure or status you choose, make sure you understand what the implications are and why this is appropriate for your club. The links below, organisational structure online module and workshop will provide further details and your governing body may have further information or support available.

In some instances this can be a complex area and you may need to seek professional advice.

Laura Young

Development Manager

01423 813036