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Targeted Service

Across the county, NYS will set up 15 targeted sessions in locations which will be accessible to the greatest number of people. These 15 sessions will be maintained over the 3 years and in a typical year we would expect the sessions to run for 48 weeks of the year and operate on a rolling basis (i.e. individuals being able to access the sessions at any time to start their 12 week block of support). It is essential that the service is also responsive and some may change location (e.g. North of Scarborough to the South of Scarborough) if that results in improved delivery or there is evidence of a greater number of referrals in the new location. Our aim will be to locate each new targeted session in the same place as universal sessions, where possible. This is due to the higher probability of retention following the targeted service.

The Targeted service will predominately consist of falls prevention exercise classes working on strength and balance activities. These sessions will be delivered by appropriately qualified coaches (the Later Life Otago Exercise Leaders Award or equivalent will be the minimum operating requirement). These will be complimented with additional activities such as:

  • Chair based exercise and coordination
  • EXTEND exercise sessions
  • Tai Chi
  • 'Walking for Health' walks – gentle walks in local area
  • Use of strength and balance exercise DVDs (e.g. Later Life resources)
  • Programme of exercises developed to do at home
  • Water based programmes

The additional supported engagement activities that NYS will offer include;

  • Training for volunteers to assist in supporting and motivating individuals to undertake the home exercise programme.
  • Individual support to help accompany clients for a walk or access local clubs or facilities
  • Liaison with partners in Health to coordinate more specialist mobility support from physiotherapists and occupational therapists as required. Programme based on NHS, Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, and Age UK "Strength and Balance" programme.
  • Provision of home hazard check list and '8 Steps for Staying Steady'

The sessions will also include the following:

  • Advice and signposting to other services and help e.g. Warm and Well and social groups.
  • At appropriate times to include the Warwick Edinburgh and Timed Up and Go Test.
  • Completion of paperwork
  • Time for socialising (e.g. having a cup of tea with other participants)

Activities will be progressive and varied and, where possible, based on the interests of the participants.