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The Great Outdoors

North Yorkshire Sport have identified the great outdoors as one of our priority areas to tackle inactivity. North Yorkshire is blessed with fantastic natural assets and it is hard not to think of iconic destinations such as the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors, as well as Dalby Forest, the Natural Trust sites and the coast.

Of equal importance is the use of outdoor space more locally. Parks and open spaces, walking and cycling trails and even streets are more likely to be where our population experience the outdoors for physical activity purposes.

North Yorkshire Sport are working to develop the concept of 'Active Parks' to explore how local parks can do more in encouraging individuals, families and groups to be more active.

In order to develop this work we are undertaking a short consultation with professionals, residents and interested parties to further develop the idea and understand people's views.

Once we have understood peoples views on the outdoors then we will look to develop and test the concept with any interested areas.

The consultation will run until Friday 22nd February.

To find out more information please email info@northyorkshiresport.co.uk

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