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Think With Your Feet

North Yorkshire Sport has made a successful application to North Yorkshire County Council to develop a mental health football programme.

Delivery will be centred around one football club in each of the 7 Districts of North Yorkshire.

The proposed three phase project will see an informal interaction between mental health professionals and members of the public who are experiencing low level mental health issues such as isolation, anxiety, low confidence etc.

Phase 1:

With football as the vehicle, a series of friendly sessions will be offered in each district at a local football club with qualified coaches. The sessions will focus on enjoyment and will not be overly competitive. Participants will come from a range of areas including self and Tees, Esk & Wear Valley, Mental Health Trust referrals and play alongside mental health professionals who will be able to offer support and advice in an informal and friendly setting. Opportunities for people who do not want to play will include officiating, volunteering, coaching and peer support.

Phase 2:

Will be a friendly tournament and celebration event bringing together the participating clubs from across the county at a central location.

Phase 3:

Will see the formation of a team from each club for those keen to progress further and friendly fixtures will be arranged with other participating clubs in North Yorkshire. Phase 3 will be subject to sufficient participants wanting to form teams and is not the primary outcome of the programme.

Support on Offer

The support available to clubs involved with the programme will include a mixture of capacity, delivery and financial, including:

  1. A member of the North Yorkshire Sport staff team will manage and coordinate the programme.
  2. Links with Tees, Esk & Wear Valley, Mental Health Trust and other mental health professional partners will be facilitated.
  3. North Yorkshire Sport will deliver a 2 day Mental Health First Aid workshop for interested clubs.
  4. Financial support with venue hire, coaching expenses and equipment will be provided. Football kits for each club are being provided free of charge through North Yorkshire Sport's strategic partner AKOA.
  5. Generic sport development support through the extended North Yorkshire Sport staff team will be provided.

Simon Pierce (contact)

Development Manager - Disability

North Yorkshire Sport

North Yorkshire Sport Ltd
69 Bilton Lane,
07414 911218