UK Deaf Sport

UK Deaf Sport (UKDS) is a recognised strategic lead for deaf sport across the UK. Their mission is to build a world leading system to enable more deaf people to participate and reach their full potential in sport.

As the strategic lead for deaf sport UKDS represent 9 million people who are deaf or hard of hearing in the UK. They believe that deaf people should have the chance to enjoy a life in sport. Sport and physical activity can have a profound effect of the lives of deaf people, improving a person's health, confidence and increasing their social interaction. Many deaf people do not consider themselves as disabled. Some of the main barriers to inclusion in sport and physical activity for deaf and hard of hearing people are:

  • Concerns about lack of fitness
  • Concerns about communication problems
  • Lack of confidence about taking part or making contact with groups

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DEAFinitely Inclusive Mark

UK Deaf Sport launched the DEAFinitely Inclusive mark to encourage leisure centres and clubs to learn more about deaf and hard of hearing people so that they can participate in activities more often.

With around 9 million people in the UK being deaf or hard of hearing, this scheme encourages inclusive and accessible sport for all.

Please find UK Deaf Sport's resources below:

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Development Manager - Disability

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