Why would you want to volunteer?

"You feel a true sense of community and a place where you belong. I have also gained some brilliant experience in many different circumstances that I can take into any walk of life" - Emma, Event Director Dalby Forest parkrun

Through volunteering there will always be new skills, new experiences and new feelings of satisfaction. It will help develop you as a person and provide an opportunity to make friends, try new activities and increase your confidence in the knowledge that you are helping others to reach their sporting potential.

Volunteering often leads to other things. The experiences, contacts, knowledge, skill and confidence gained from volunteering are the qualities that potential employers look for. What's more, you'll receive certificates, awards, testimonies all of which will provide evidence of your hard work.

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What is a Volunteer?

Whether you're a coach driver, a referee or a treasurer – if you help others in sport for free, or expenses only, you're a sports volunteer.

The sporting sector makes the single biggest contribution to total volunteering.

  • 57% of volunteers give time to sports clubs and groups.
  • 1,209,566,500 hours of sporting volunteering in the year, equating to 720,00 additional paid full time workers.
  • Volunteers' support 106,400 affiliated clubs in England serving over 8 million members.


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