Organisation agreement for hosting volunteers

Volunteers register with us as they have an interest in volunteering in sport but the registration process is an open one so North Yorkshire Sport are not able to guarantee the suitability of each volunteer – this is something that you should do as and when volunteers apply to work with you.

As an organisation wanting to host volunteers there are a number of things that we ask of you before we are able to promote your opportunities. This is to ensure that all volunteers are hosted in a safe environment, are well looked after and have a fulfilling role to engage in.

We ask you to read the following points and tick the box to those that apply / you agree to:

  1. We will provide a safe and structured operating environment
  2. We will ensure volunteers know what is expected of them
  3. We have a written Health and Safety policy
  4. Hold the National Governing Body Accreditation (eg Club Mark)
  5. Has valid public Liability insurance in place that covers liability incurred by a volunteer as a result of their duties with you
  6. We will carry out a risk assessment for all activities the volunteer will be engaged in
  7. We have a formal procedure for reporting accidents and incidents
  8. We will appoint a mentor / main point of contact for the volunteer with clearly specified lines of support and supervision
  9. We will perform a full volunteer induction prior to them starting (see volunteer induction document)
  10. We will ensure volunteers know their rights and responsibilities
  11. We will treat volunteers fairly and free from discrimination
  12. We will show volunteers an appreciation/recognition for what they do
  13. We will allow volunteers to say no any tasks they don't feel comfortable/confident with
  14. We will enable volunteers to provide feedback on their experience and develop/change their role I necessary