Volunteer agreement

Volunteering is a great opportunity and we hope you will enjoy it and learn a lot and along the way.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Community Sport. They perform a number of key roles which help people take part in sport and activity on a regular basis and at one off events. As a volunteer you have a responsibility to behave in a friendly and professional manner and represent yourself and the organisation you are volunteering with in good light.

It is important for us that you recognise this and behave in a certain way and possess the following qualities;

  • Willingness and readiness to listen and learn
  • Ability to work well with others as well as on your own initiative when required
  • Flexibility in your approach to being involved as a volunteer
  • Be aware of your strengths and limitations
  • Commitment and enthusiasm
  • Desire to be involved and contribute fully
  • Integrity
  • Punctuality
  • Positive attitude

As a volunteer it is your responsibility to ...

Take your opportunity seriouslyTo be on time, stick to things you said you will do, treat the opportunity as an important role, and be presentable, professional and approachable at all times.

Positively represent who you are volunteering with – You are representing North Yorkshire Sport, the organisation you are placed with and yourself! Make sure you use appropriate behaviour at all times.

Dress appropriately for the role you are undertaking – for some roles you may be provided with kit / clothing to wear but we always advise you to ask your volunteer host what they would like you to wear.

Attend induction / required training – it is important that you have the correct training to be able to undertake your role safely and efficiently. Your host should provide an induction before you start your role but if you have any questions about what you should be doing don't be afraid to ask.

Adhere to policies & procedures – Make sure you stick to the policies and procedures of where you are volunteering. These are in place to protect you and the people you are working with. Make sure you identify key procedures including Health & Safety, safeguarding, Fire and First Aid wherever you are!

Maintain confidentiality It is vital that you treat information about people you work with as confidential. If you are unsure about something, make sure you speak to a member of staff / club official.

Report absence – if you are unable to attend on a day when you are due to volunteer then please notify your host as soon as you are able to. Volunteer roles are just as important as any other role within an organisation so please try your best not to let people down.

Ask for help - On occasion you may be mistaken for full time staff / club official and thus an information source. You may be asked questions so please be polite and as helpful as possible. If you are unclear about an answer to a query, simply direct them to someone who can assist.