The people helping others to be active

When we use the work 'workforce' we really mean 'PEOPLE'. The PEOPLE that will inspire OTHERS to be more active.

Traditionally, it's been a coach, volunteer or a professional, but it is this, and so much more. Whoever you are, we hope this page will guide you to the information you need to help you confidently get people moving more.

There's lots of information on this page, so we've added quick links to help you:

Whats New
Let's get more people active
Industry, minimum & recommended standards

If you can't see the information you need, contact

What's new

Let's get more people active!

Public Health England & UK Coaching have created a series of 'Reducing Physical Inactivity' animations. Split into three parts, the animation features latest insight into the meaning of physical activity and practical tips for coaches to get more people active.

Use the links to find more information to help you with your target audience.

Do you have any training needs?

When we talk about 'training' we mean more than a coaching qualification. Ask yourself

"am I or my workforce suitable skilled, capable and confident?"

At North Yorkshire Sport HQ, when we think about training, we think about learning and development and this can be done in a range of ways. These include: webinars, listening to podcasts, being mentored, reading a case study and thinking about those changes you can make, attending a course or sitting on a project group at the club or organisation.

Below we've added some quick links to super training (in our eyes!). If you have a training need, you can let us know as well.

Industry Standards

Minimum & Recommended Standards: Safeguarding & 1st Aid

Courses to meet the Minimum Standards for all coaches (Safeguarding & Protecting Children / Adults and 1st Aid are advertised here). Time to Listen workshops are also here and are required for club welfare officers.

Recommended Standards: Mental Health

One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. These will be individuals that are attending your clubs and activities, they are your workforce and parents. Make sure you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to better understand and support people living with mental health problems, and create a positive environment that ensures they enjoy the benefits of being active and keep coming back for more.

We firmly believe that Mental Health training should be offered and encouraged through clubs and here is a list of training options:


"There are lots of reasons why I volunteer! The main one is the feeling I get after a successful parkrun! Knowing that on average 150 people a week turn up and have a great time is incredible. Whether it's trying to smash their personal best or running around with an old friend having a chat, giving people that opportunity feels incredible. If I could bottle that feeling up I would!

Another reason is the people I have met along the way. Through the parkrun, I have met so many friendly and inspirational people that I am proud to call my friends. The atmosphere is so supportive and welcoming that you feel a true sense of community and a place where you belong."

Emma (Event Director, Dalby Forest Parkrun)

5.6 million people volunteer in sport in England each year and are the lifeblood of community clubs, setting and activities. Whether you're a volunteer looking to develop or do more, are looking to volunteer or want to offer opportunities for volunteers we hope you'll find what you're looking for!


Still not quite sure you've found what you need? Have a look through our frequently asked questions.

I need a coach, do you have a database of coaches that you can ask for help?

I want to get into coaching, can you help?

Do you have any funding for a coaching course?

I'm a coach and I want to coach in schools. How do I go about this?

I need more volunteers at my club. Help!

I'd love to volunteer. Where do I start?

I work in the community and want to add more activity into what I do.

Do you have any online training I can do?

I'm a sport student, can I get work experience with you?

I need a coach, do you have a database of coaches that you can ask for help?

We no longer offer that service but there are a few options for you.

1. You can advertise this opportunity via the North Yorkshire Sport website as a job - click here.
2. You can post a placement on an external website, such as Volunteering in North Yorkshire. You can find our local selection here.

Contact us when you've added an opportunity and we can share it useing our social media.

3. If you have your own social media, make sure you use this to advertise opportunities within you organisation.

I want to get into coaching, can you help?

Yes we can give advice to help you on your way. Before you contact us, ask yourself the following questions:

Who do you want to deliver to? Young people, adults, families?
Will this be a job or are you volunteering?
What commitment do you want to give?
Do you have a qualification or are you needing training?

Contact us on with this information to hand.

Do you have any funding for a coaching course?

We don't have money to fund anyone through a coaching course. If you are currently volunteering, speak to your club and discuss whether they have funding and in return you can volunteer an agreed number of hours for them. There may be local funding schemes available to you.

I'm a coach and I want to coach in schools. How do I go about this?

Getting in to a school is usually about reputation, but we are aware that coaches have dropped off leaflets or information directly to schools. Offering free taster sessions is another way to get the schools attention and they can see what you have to offer.

Make sure you link to their curriculum objectives; understand what the schools objectives are with their curriculum and tell them how you can meet them using activity. Another suggestion is to offer them your lessons plans as this improves sustainability.

We've pulled together information on CPD here.

I need more volunteers at my club. Help!

We have information here to help: volunteering. Information here includes training, links to advertise, and short best practice video's.

I'd love to volunteer. Where do I start?

This is amazing that you want to enrich your time through volunteering. We'd suggest that you consider your who, what, where and why's! You can search local (and national) sites for opportunities, but not all of them appear on here, so ask around and keep an eye on social media. Can't find anything, then email

Who do you want to volunteer for? Volunteering in sport is one of the largest groups. Is there a local group that you are aware of? Are you interested in an activity that supports young people or older people? Or maybe you love events so something like Parkrun might be up your street?

Then the type of volunteering you would like to do; are you using a skill you already have (such as marketing or finance) or would like to learn something new. Do you have a coaching qualification you can use?

Are you looking for something local or are you able to travel. A lot of community clubs run on an evening or a weekend so make sure you are able to commit.

And why do you want to volunteer? Most people we speak to do it because they want to give something back and support their local community. Some do it to make friends and networks and others do it to add to their CV. Whatever your reasons, make sure you let the organisation your volunteering for know these and they should work to meet these.

I work in the community and want to add more activity into what I do.

Great, we feel that everyone can play their part to encourage people to be more active in simple, everyday ways. We also believe that activity, sport and exercise, can help other organisations achieve their own aims and objectives. The animations here might help you get started, and we're developing some free online training which will be launched soon.

Contact if we can help you more.

Do you have any online training I can do?

We know that attending face to face courses can be challenging. We have partnered up with other Active Partnerships in Yorkshire and the Humber to develop Yorkshire & Humber Learning Community where you can find online learning for clubs, community settings and schools. New modules are always being developed, so keep checking back.

Visit for information on a range of online learning from Open University, UK Coaching, Club Matters and Linked In.

I'm a sport student, can I get work experience with you?

At the moment we don't offer regular school / work placements. It's worth checking with other local organisations or clubs if you're interested in a career in sport and physical activity. From time to time we many have a specific project that we need support with and will advertise this.