Youth Voice Survey 2020 v4 01

Nearly 2000 responses were received to the Youth Voice Survey, from 75 secondary schools. Some of the headlines from the survey:

  • Of the 31%(563) respondents who do not currently take part in activity outside the school day, only 7% (40) said they do not want to do any sport or physical activity at all
  • 74% of respondents take part in sport or physical activity on at least 5 occasions across a week
  • 75% of pupils judged their school sport facilities as Good or Excellent. This compares with only 32% of schools who responded to a school survey feeling that the facilities were good or excellent
  • Leisure Centres and Sports Clubs are the most popular venues across all respondents, and those already taking part in sport and physical activity show a significant preference for these venues
  • Confidence is really important to young people, with 54% saying that confidence influences whether they attend an activity.

North Yorkshire and York

Infographic - North Yorkshire and York YVS

County Durham

Infographic - County Durham YVS